About This Site

This site was created to serve as a reference for those with an interest in documents, document assembly, and document programming. The focus is on the OOXML specification for Microsoft documents, but as OOXML is not the only office document specification, and certainly not the first, I believe it is important to be aware of competing and complimentary document formats. For this reason I attempt to cover related concepts in other formats, such as CSS and the OASIS open document format of Open Office.

The site is not an exhaustive explication of the OOXML specification. I cover what I believe a majority of those working in English-speaking countries would need to know, but certainly there is much that is omitted. This is just a slice.

About The Creator

Dan Dick

Daniel Dick is the sole author of this site. Dan has been employed at Thomson Reuters for nearly 25 years as an attorney editor and technologist. His work focuses on document assembly in the legal industry. This site is in no way a product of TR, nor is TR in any way responsible for the content.