DrawingML Shapes

Visual Properties

The visual properties of a shape are specified with the <SpPr> element. The properties can be grouped into a handful of categories:

  1. Geometry of the shape. See Preset Geometry and Custom Geometry.
  2. Fill of the shape. See Shape Fill.
  3. Effects applied to the shape. See Effects.
  4. Style for the outline of the shape. See Outline Style.
  5. 2-d transformation of the shape (i.e., flipping and rotation). See 2-D Transforms.
  6. 3-d properties applied to the shape. See 3D Shape Properties and 3D Scene Properties.
<xdr:sp macro="" textlink="">
. . .
<a:off x="1371600" y="514350"/>
<a:ext cx="1038225" cy="542925"/>
<a:prstGeom prst="roundRect">
Reference: ECMA-376, 3rd Edition (June, 2011), Fundamentals and Markup Language Reference § (presentations) and § (spreadsheets).

The individual elements of <SpPr> are covered in detail on the pages that cover the property categories. However, there is one attribute for <SpPr> relating to black and white mode.


Attribute Description

Specifies that the shape should be rendered using only black and white coloring. Possible values are:

  • auto
  • black
  • blackGray
  • blackWhite
  • clr [normal color]
  • gray
  • grayWhite
  • hidden
  • invGray [inverse gray coloring]
  • ltGray [light gray coloring]
  • white

Note: Microsoft Office does not seem to fully support this attribute.