DrawingML Shapes

Preset Geometry

The geometry or form of a shape can be either preset or custom. A set of preset geometric shapes are specified in the ECMA specification which any application should be able to render. A preset form is specified with a <a:prstGeom> element. The actual shape is specified with an attribute prst on that element. The possible values are specified below. Note that the preset geometry can be adjusted by specifying a list of shape adjustment values within a <a:avLst>, which is a child element of <a:prstGeom>. Shape adjustment values are not covered here. Note also that any preset geometrical shape can be alternately specified as a custom geometry. The alternate custom drawingML for each preset shape is found in the DrawingMLGeometries Appendix D to the ECMA specification, in an xml file called presetShapeDefinitions.xml

Below is a sample of a preset trapezoid geometrical shape.

<xdr:sp macro="" textlink="">
. . .
<a:off x="1171575" y="485775"/>
<a:ext cx="1171575" cy="647700"/>
<a:prstGeom prst="trapezoid">
<a:schemeClr val="accent6"/>
<a:lumMod val="75000"/>
. . .

Shape with preset geometry (trapezoid)

The possible values for prst (i.e., the pre-defined shapes) are listed below. For examples of the shapes, see ECMA-376, 3rd Edition (June, 2011), Fundamentals and Markup Language Reference §