DrawingML Shapes

Text - Body Properties - Positioning and Insets

Text Positioning or Anchoring:

The anchoring position of the text within a shape is specified with a anchor attribute on <a:bodyPr>. Possible values are:

Below is an example of positioning in the center (<a:bodyPr rtlCol="0" anchor="ctr" />), followed by positioning at the top (<a:bodyPr rtlCol="0" anchor="t" />).

Shape with text - anchoring Shape with text - anchoring

Horizontal centering of the bounding box can be set using the anchorCtr attribute on <a:bodyPr>. Values are either true or false. This attribute causes the smallest possible bounding box for the text to be centered. It is different than paragraph alignment, which aligns the text within the bounding box. This attribute is appropriate for all the different vertical anchoring values. Below is a shape that has horizontal text, with paragraphs aligned right, vertical centering of the bounding box and no horizontal centering of the box.

<a:bodyPr vert="horz" rtlCol="0" anchor="ctr" anchorCtr="0"/>

Shape with text - anchoring

Below is the same shape, but also with horizontal anchoring of the bounding box.

<a:bodyPr vert="horz" rtlCol="0" anchor="ctr" anchorCtr="1"/>
Shape with text - anchoring

Text Inset:

Insets of the bounding box are specified by four attributes on <a:bodyPr>, one for each side: bIns (bottom inset), tIns (top inset), lIns (left inset), and rIns (rightInset). Insets are used as internal margins for text boxes within shapes. The values of the attributes are specified either in EMUs or as a number immediately followed by the unit identifier--e.g., 0.5in. If an attribute is not specified for a side, a value of 45720 or 0.05 inches is implied.

Below is an example of a shape with inset at the bottom of .1 inch, .5 inch at the top, and none on the left and right.

<a:bodyPr rtlCol="0" anchor="ctr" bIns="91440" tIns="475200" lIns="0" rIns="0"/>
. . .

Shape with text - inset

If the inset attributes are removed, we get the shape and text as shown below.

Shape with text - inset