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The shading to be applied to the table up to the table borders is specified with the <w:shd> element within the <w:tblPr> element. Note that unlike cell shading, table shading includes any cell padding. This property can be overriden by any cell-level spacing, either with a table-level property exception, or with direct cell shading of a cell in a row.

Shading consists of a background color, an optional pattern, and an optional pattern color. The background color is first applied, and then the pattern is applied over the background.

<w:shd> w:val="pct10" w:color="FFFF00" w:fill="FF0000"/>
Reference: ECMA-376, 3rd Edition (June, 2011), Fundamentals and Markup Language Reference § 17.4.32.
Word 2007 Example:
Table Shading


The most commonly used attribute values are below. There are also several theme-specific attributes, such as themeColor, themeFill, themeFillShade, etc.

fill Specifies the color to be used for the background. Values are given as hex values (i.e., in RRGGBB format). No #, unlike hex values in HTML/CSS. E.g., fill="FFFF00".
color Specifies the color to be used for any foreground pattern specified with the val attribute. Values are given as hex values (in RRGGBB format). No #, unlike hex values in HTML/CSS. E.g., fill="FFFF00".
val Specifies the pattern to be used to lay the pattern color over the background color. For example, w:val="pct10" indicates that the border style is a 10 percent foreground fill mask.

Possible values are: clear (no pattern), pct10, pct12, pct15 . . ., diagCross, diagStripe, horzCross, horzStripe, nil, thinDiagCross, solid, etc. See ECMA-376, 3rd, § 17.18.78 for a complete listing.

Related Open Document Format (ODF) Property:

The shading for a table is set with the fo:background-color attribute on the <style:table-properties> element for the style applied to the table. Values can be colors or transparent (switches off any background image).

Reference: Open Document Format for Office Applications Version 1.2 (May, 2011) §§ 17.15 and 20.175.
<style:style style:name="Table1" style:family="table">
<style:table-properties style:width="5in" fo:margin-left="2in" table:align="left" fo:background-color="cccccc">

Related HTML/CSS Property:

<table cellspacing="10px" style="background-color:#FF0000;">
CSS Example: